Physio and the "Franken-Knee"

Yesterday was my last maintenance visit…

with my Physiotherapist and I was manipulated, I spinned (like spin class spinned to a hot sweaty mess) and was then poked.

Behold, the Franken-Knee:

We did acupuncture to bring down the swelling – it felt really weird (as usual) and part of me wanted to vomit when she manipulated them…  Good thing I had not eaten lunch yet!!!

I see the Ortho Specialist one week from today.  By this time, I will know when my surgery is and can plan out recovery and eventually my return to RUNNING!!!  I cannot tell you how happy I am now that there is some light at the end of the tunnel.  I last ran exactly two months ago today, hours before my injury.


But what I am still amazed at, how runners are in tune with their bodies.  I have always been aware of my body mechanics since my IT band injury which occurred before my first half.  Muscle activation, foot strike, knee position, core activation.  You can say what you want about us crazy runners – we KNOW our bodies.  It’s one of things that makes me focus inwards.

Although, even though we are in tune with our bodies, we don’t always listen!!  It’s the stubborn “I can get it looked at after I finish running *insert distance/race here*”…or “I can run through it…it’s not that bad”.  Until we see someone…and it IS that bad.  Double edged sword.  Ha ha ha ha.

I can’t wait to get back out there.  That being said I have gone through my gear and realized that I need a few things….like shorts, tops, My Soxy Feet and will be getting some BioSkin to support the ol’ knee when I return to running.

So….what is your favourite running gear and why?  Feel free to comment below!  I love getting suggestions for new gear 🙂