About Amy


Single mom.  Runner.  Mental Illness Warrior.

I would have never thought of myself as a runner when I was younger.  I used to think “what the hell are those people doing?”  (Especially those that ran in the winter!)

I never, ever, imagined I would be diagnosed with a mental illness before the age of 40.

Being a single mom:  Well, it has made me a better person, despite all of the struggles associated with doing it on your own.

After becoming injured in the spring of 2014 I needed a way to vent about all of the things going on in my life that I had no control over.  I couldn’t get a clear head through running while I waited for a diagnosis and treatment for my knee (which ended up being surgery).

It was suggested by a friend of mine that I start a blog.  Sharing my story and struggles could create a new community for me.  Maybe there were others out there going through something similar.

Little did I know it would open up a whole new circle of friends and allow me to meet some amazing people.

This blog is where I go to share my struggles, successes and frustrations and not feel like I am whining (well, okay, sometimes I still feel like I am whining, lol).  I also love sharing opinions about what works (and doesn’t work) for me when it comes to running, motherhood, and life in general.

My daughter has also been recently diagnosed with mental illness (2017).  Together we are navigating day  to day life with a sense of humour, crying when it’s necessary, and copious amounts of pizza.

Ready to come along?  I hope you stick around for a bit.  This is one wild ride.