It’s a Happy Friday the 13th! Random Post!

I know that sounds weird….

Especially if you are one that is a little superstitious (queue Stevie Wonder).

Today I learned that my Ortho Specialist appointment is on the 25th 🙂  That is a little past two months since my injury.  I am super excited for this consult and look forward to moving on with my treatment!!  I have already started planning out my races for when I am better.  Because I’ll be able to run, which I miss, terribly.

The past while has been hard with my depression/anxiety and finding new ways to work out.  Finding a new apartment, being super busy at work, making time for those I care about and making time for me, well, it has been a little draining.  I sleep a lot.  I find that some days the battle with my illness just drains me.  It’s hard to explain unless you’ve been in the situation I guess.

In all of this, rescue kitty Jax has been settling in well.  She has met our other cat Nala and so far there has been minimal hissing and growling…..yay! lol

The cats are a great stress reliever for me right now.  Having a rescue kitten is a great experience.

So I am wondering what now….besides yoga, walking and strength training, are there any other suggestions from blogger peeps??

(And yes, my bike is still broken, I need to remedy that and SOON)! 

2 thoughts on “It’s a Happy Friday the 13th! Random Post!

  1. Great news on your appointment!

    As far as other suggestions go…I guess biking (or maybe spin class until your bike is fixed!) or maybe swimming, though I know not being able to run sucks and it's hard to get motivated when you can't…part of it for me is having a challenge though, so maybe you could come up with something to keep you going? Yoga once a day for a month, or maybe so many pushups/planks?


  2. Thanks Janet! I am super excited 🙂

    Thanks for the suggestions! I am taking a look now at some challenges. I need something to keep my from hibernating 😉


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