It’s Almost Winter

Yes, I know in a lot of places there is snow and it's cold (both here right now), but the calendar says: not yet. I both love and hate this time of year. I love the coziness of winter. The sweaters and blankets, the hot chocolate (and other toasty warm beverages), and the holidays. I …

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It’s Okay to Just Survive

This time of year can be rough. Everyone is talking about their resolutions. Commercials on TV are trying to sell you a new life:  weight loss, gym memberships, etc. This does start well before the holiday season, and can be overwhelming as shit. I've done the resolution thing, and I've also done the intentions thing.  …

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Running and the Seesaw of Depression

See this girl here?  This is a happy runner. I am not always like this when I run.  Some of my solo runs are hard sloggy messes.  This is where running becomes more than a physical game.  Mentally a hard run is rough for any runner.  For me a hard run feels like complete failure …

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