Forgiving Myself

Sometimes I have a big problem. I can't forgive myself. I have very high expectations, and when I don't achieve my desired results, I will beat myself up about it. This could last for 48 hours, it could last for years. It could be a personal situation, or a work situation. The way my brain …

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I’m a Fainter

Last weekend I fainted while sitting in a pedicure chair. An ambulance was called. My daughter was a rockstar (which is good, because I now know she can navigate a situation like that without freaking). I was checked out by the paramedics, and then went to see a doctor who ordered some bloodwork. I had …

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Chewing The Skin Around My Nails

Yes. I chew the skin around my fingernails. It's a stress/anxiety solution to "getting rid" of my feelings. I will chew them, sometimes, until they bleed. Especially when my anxiety levels are high. My new meds have helped with the daily chewing. I am starting to slow my roll. I am now wearing fake nails …

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