The Post That is Brought to You by The Letter R

Because Today......I RAN!!!!Yes.I ran.It is surreal.Best. Feeling. Ever.1.47kms at a 7:13km/hr pace in 10mins 38s It was a slow one.  Some walking was done.  But I DID IT.My body needed it.  My mind needed it.I signed up for the Terry Fox Run in September, BLT 5k Fun Run/Walk in October! Welcome back me.  Welcome back.#craxymamaruns

Runalicious Contest EXTENDED!!!

RUNALICIOUS CONTEST EXTENDED!!!   HI FIVE!!  WOOOOOOO! In partnership with Runalicious we are extending this awesome contest. How exciting is that? Now those of you who are not familiar with Runalicious they are a boutique company specializing in running inspired women’s apparel. Their website is, their facebook page is make cool, super awesome shirts like this!Runalicious …

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Why do I run??

A question I get asked often.As I mentioned in my first post, I did my first real run at lunchtime.  It was 5k and I smoked it!!  I remember going out beforehand and buying my first pair of actual running sneakers.  Saucony Pro Grid 4s.  I was in love, with running and with my Sauconys. …

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