The Post That is Brought to You by The Letter R

Because Today......I RAN!!!!Yes.I ran.It is surreal.Best. Feeling. Ever.1.47kms at a 7:13km/hr pace in 10mins 38s It was a slow one.  Some walking was done.  But I DID IT.My body needed it.  My mind needed it.I signed up for the Terry Fox Run in September, BLT 5k Fun Run/Walk in October! Welcome back me.  Welcome back.#craxymamaruns

Year End Round Up!

Well, we're almost there.The end of another year.  Sitting back and reflecting on what has gone by and what we will be working towards in 2015.Getting close to Christmas always make me reflect and think about the time I get to spend with my family and friends.  They have supported me through so much over …

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Wet and Wild Lucky 7 Relay! (Bucket List Run – Canadian Running Magazine!!)

So I volunteered for the Lucky 7 Relay RaceAnd got myself down to the Atlantica Hotel on Saturday to pick up my awesome Race Crew T!Woohoo!  Go Race Crew!Of course, we ARE on the East Coast of Canada, so the weather is always unpredictable.  I got up on Sunday, ate my breakfast and gathered my …

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Okay, For the Most Part, I LOVE Social Media

It's a way for everyone to connect, share, and educate.Until you read small 140 character blurps that can be misinterpreted.It's like broken telephone.  What you want to say ends up being shortened with no real "meat" to it.After our trek to Lawrencetown Beach today to watch the waves and hike along the cliff to get …

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How Hot IS Hot Yoga???

HOT! HOT! HOT!Tonight was my first class at Moksha Yoga in Bedford, NS 🙂 I signed up on Saturday as they had their "Summer Special" on.  $60 for 60 days.I have taken yoga before, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I figured with the deal on it was a great time to try it out and see …

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So, I’ve been RUNNING…..

Yes....Running!  *HUGE SMILEY FACE EMOTICON*My first run...hesitation in that face?  Umm, yes.My second run - happy face, lead in the legs ;)Two small runs, under 3kms, but RUNNING 🙂  This is a test of patience for me right now, as I have to #1:  listen to my body, and #2: know that this running will …

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Energybits, My Soxy Feet and The MRI

A lot of exciting things this week!My Energybits Prize Pack arrived!And because I like trying things out right away, I opened those puppies up at work and took a serving before my walk at lunch.I am a girl that crashes just about every day at 3:00pm.  Never fails.  I would like to curl up and …

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