Week 1 With a Coach and a Plan – Not Dead Yet!

Holy Crap I Am Still Alive...Also, still able to walk.  Hahaha.I received my workouts for the week late last Sunday eve.HIIT workouts with running workouts, a rest day, and a cross training day.What I loved about the HIIT workouts is that I could adjust to my level of fitness.  I chose to do modified push-ups …

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My Love/Hate Relationship with June

The Month, Not a PersonJune:The month where summer starts.We (kind of) get warmer weather.Kids are gearing up for their summer vacation.Everything is in full bloom.June:The month I was diagnosed with a mental illness 5 years ago.The month I was lost.The month I broke down.Photo courtesy of the American Psychological AssociationEvery year I mull this over.  …

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