Looking Back….Looking Ahead

So here we are. 2016 is slowly coming to a close. 2017 is on the doorstep, patiently waiting. I decided a year or so ago that I would not do resolutions.  It's just not me.  It sets me up to self sabotage my well thought out plans. This month has been hard mentally.  Deciding what …

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Cupping, Christmas, and Weights

Yes, let's talk about my back shall we? When I arrived at the Saint Mary's University Lifemark location, my RMT asked me the usual questions:  How are things?  What have you been up to? What are we working on today?  Welllllll... December is a hard month.  More so for those of us who suffer from …

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Why I am NOT making Resolutions for 2016….

I Decided to Take a Different Approach.This year, I am making Intentions for 2016.5 of them.Wanna know what they are?Here you go!My 5 Intentions for 2016: I intend to meditate daily. I intend to create a solid yoga practice. I intend to bring more peace into my life. I intend to forgive myself more. I intend to run more.There you …

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