October: Time for a Reboot

A BIG reboot.After my last race(s) during Maritime Race Weekend, I took a break.There I am!  2nd from the left during the Sunrise 5k :)I needed this break.  Needed to take a step back.There has been a lot going on in "the background".  TeenThing finally has a job (yay!).  As I sit here writing this …

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Countdown to Half Marathon Training – Blue Nose Marathon 2016

Nervous is an understatement...So nervous that I miscalculated the the beginning date of my training plan when putting it in my calendar.  Oops!I had myself starting on January 14th.  When I was finishing up the calendar entries I noticed that I was ending the week BEFORE the Blue Nose.....GAH!So, this week I will redo the …

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When Life Throws You Lemons…..

Well, we all have our ending to this phrase, lol.I say throw because the good and bad are not always handed to you.  Sometimes it comes right at you.To say the last week has been trying would be correct.I won't sit here and lament or wax poetic.  Mostly because a lot of it is private …

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