Don’t Come At Me With Your “Diets“

Or your cleanses. Or your meal plans. Or your supplements.

I’ve tried lots of things for my body over the years. I’ve also not given my body the respect it deserves. I’ve treated it badly and denied it what it needs to sustain me.

Even during training for races, I know I haven’t eaten enough. I was too worried about “getting bigger”, instead of worrying about “am I fuelling my body correctly?”

I really realized during the pandemic how much I was neglecting giving my body the nutrients and calories it needed to keep me going. I was tired, bogged down, and just plan flatlining with everything I was doing.

Am I bigger now? Yes. Do I really care? No. Can I still be active? Yes.

I know that I am healthy. I do not have a medical condition that requires any special diets, like celiac or diabetes. I am very lucky.

It’s time to start taking care of me in a way that’s GOOD for me. No more stressing over calories. Eating good food and moving is what is important.

Don’t say I need a cleanse…your liver does that for you. Don’t say I need a specific fitness diet…I am not a pro athlete. Don’t say I need supplements…because I don’t.

If I am not feeling right, I see my doctor, we get bloodwork done and she will tell me what I need to do to get back on track. If it is nutrition we need to work on, she can refer me to someone.

I’m done neglecting and disrespecting my body. I eat for me and I move for me.

I know what works for my body, and I am driving this machine. I know what’s good for it.

Let me navigate this road as I see fit, for me.