Update and The New Kitten

Mr. Eggs Benedict

It’s been a rough go this past little while.

Some med adjustments for my daughter have happened, with one as recent as I sit and write this post.

I can report that she is doing better than she was, but we are still in an uphill battle.

We now have some recommendations for a Psychiatrist and I am going to have to pay out of pocket, but it will be worth it if it helps her move forward.

There are other things happening in my world, but those stories are not mine to share. Let’s just say it’s been a trying time.

On a positive note, physical activity seems to help. We just need to do more of it. That is the struggle some days, getting out the door. My daughter’s anxiety will sometimes make it difficult, but we do what we can.

One thing that seems to be helping is our latest addition to the household. Mr. Eggs Benedict joined us from the SPCA, and is a little ball of energy.

A moment of solitude

He is keeping my daughter occupied and her mind off of “everything wrong”. It has been a blessing to have this little man join our other two cats.

(The introduction process has been slow, as we have one geriatric cat and a younger cat. But it’s coming along.)

Sometimes a welcome distraction is what you need.

We’ll just continue to take it day by day.


One thought on “Update and The New Kitten

  1. I’m sorry it has been a rough time, but my goodness this little black baby sure is a bright light. I have a black cat too, and he is my best friend.


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