Post Covid, Vacation, and other Random Things

Well, let me tell you one thing. Covid wasn’t great. Sickest I’ve been in a while. My taste and smell are coming back, as well as my energy.

I am currently on vacation, so it was great to have the time off to get better. By the time week one was done I was starting to enjoy my time.

I was able to get my room sorted with the help of my daughter. My depression had been living in my room for quite some time. Got a full garbage bag full of stuff to turf. Some time this week I’ll tackle my closet, which is a whole different beast.

Mid clean…I should have done a before shot.
So much clutter gone!

Reset my coffee station by my bed. I had lots of pods that were buried in the mess my room had become.

We have a bunch of stuff that we are purging, so once it stops raining I’ll be lugging stuff out so our downstairs doesn’t look like a bad thrift store.

Having a mental illness affects so much in your life. I will feel so much better once we’re not surrounded by items we no longer use/that are broken. Clutter in the brain and clutter in the house is not a good combo.

About a year ago I wrote about my weight gain and my struggles with it. I have accepted where I am with it, and now that my energy is returning I can get back to being active again. Movement is good for the body and the brain. My running may take a bit to come back, but that’s okay. Slow and steady for a full return is better than no return at all.

I was able to participate in the Pride Parade this past weekend, and was light headed afterwards, so I know what my limit is right now. Thanks Covid.

All in all, things are okay right now. Taking this break is really making a difference. I am feeling rested.

Now to continue my de-depressioning of this apartment by finishing up laundry and getting the kitchen sorted.

Let’s go!