I learned on Sunday that I was exposed to Covid-19.

I tested Monday Morning, negative.

So, I went about my day. My throat was kind of dry as the day went on, but didn’t think much about it, as I find the office air dry some days.

I woke up early Tuesday and I was not feeling good. Took another rapid test…..and it lit up like a Christmas tree.

Well fuck.

I waited until a half decent hour and called my kiddo (who is in the bedroom next to mine) to tell her the situation.

Her response: “Oh fuck”

I managed to work from home on Tuesday. But Wednesday was a different story. I slept most of Wednesday. The fatigue and the tightness of my chest was overwhelming. That and fighting the headache. It was just all too much.

Thursday saw me not as fatigued, but still quite ill. I made it through the day, and started getting head congestion. It seems to be this slow moving virus for me, each day adding something different.

Friday, I was feeling better. My daughter, luckily, had been testing negative and was clear to go on her planned trip to Montreal. We Facetimed and off she went. I was now able to roam the apartment. The change of scenery was welcome. I sat down on the balcony for my 1 hour of outside time in the early afternoon with a glass of grapefruit juice.

I took a drink of said juice and could barely taste it. By the time I was halfway through the glass I couldn’t taste it. I had the sensation of the “bite” it has, but no taste. Another COVID hit. Later on I became more congested and a fever started. I took meds and went to bed.

Here we are on Saturday. I still can’t taste. Fever is gone. Still congested in the head and chest (cough still hanging around). My smell isn’t great either. I don’t seem to be as fatigued, but I am trying to not move around as much as I did yesterday.

All in all, this sucks. I haven’t been this sick in quite some time. I am so very thankful for vaccines as I would hate to think how much worse this would be if I wasn’t vaccinated.

Time to take a break and get more rest. Writing has zapped some of my energy.

Stay safe out there. Wear your mask. Keep washing your hands.

COVID sucks ass. That is all.

One thought on “COVID

  1. Theresa

    I you can get black seed oil (black cumin seed) from the health food store it really helps. It is both antiviral and anti-inflammatory. When I was sick in Jan I got cocky. I was taking all my supplements and felt ill but functional. The second week it kicked my ass. The fatigue and dizziness, and I would forget to breathe. Who does that? The black cumin seed capsules got me back on track. Much love….so sorry you are dealing with this.


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