Shedding Those Insecurities

It’s not easy.

I am having a hard time letting go of the insecurities that keep holding me back.

They’re like a warm blanket I am afraid to take off in the winter. Knowing I will be cold and vulnerable after the cover comes off.

It’s making me feel restless, like I want to jump out of my body.

Owning these insecurities is a big deal, and letting them go will make a big difference in me moving forward.

The fear remains though, and that’s something I am working towards. Finding out how to confront that fear so I can get over the hurdle.

It’s time to dig a bit deeper, and see what my fear is trying to stop me from becoming.

It’s time to be vulnerable and gentle with myself.

Leaving feelings and obstacles in the past isn’t easy, but I need to keep pushing forward to get out of this brain fog and discover those hidden parts of myself that are aching to get out.

I knew this wouldn’t be an easy journey.

Learning isn’t always straight path, and this curve has been difficult.

I’ll continue to make the turn, and see where it leads me.

First, let’s face my fear, and prepare for the next bend in the road.