What I’m Leaving Behind

Well, here we are. 2022.

I’ve decided there are things I am leaving behind in 2021, because they no longer serve me.

I am keeping myself open to good things. Leaving behind my fear of not being good enough to receive the good things.

I am owning my faults. Leaving behind the thought that I need to be perfect. I am embracing my full self.

I am also leaving behind the thought that my body is ugly. I embrace the beauty of this vessel I have been given to live in.

I am leaving behind the thought that I am unlovable. I am so loveable it’s crazy.

I am leaving behind my jaded views. They only bog me down.

I am on a mission to find the joy in simple things, leaving behind the idea that the big things are the only joyful things in my life.

I will be easier on myself, leaving behind the idea that I need to be hard on myself to be better.

I am always learning, and will not be ashamed to say so, leaving behind the shame.

I will no longer run away from the good things in my life, nor will I back down when challenged.

This will take work, bit I am willing to do it. There is still so much of my life to live, and I want to LIVE it.

Let’s do this.

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