And She Did It

It’s been a few weeks since my 10km race.

It’s taken me that long to process this journey, one that I needed to go on to find my running mojo again.

Running with Team Myles was an amazing experience. One I will never forget.

I’ve made some new running friends, and I’ve even joined a local running group which runs every Monday evening and hosts other running events.

The thing I will have to keep in check though, is my brain. It is really having a hard time with me running again.

It has tried to revolt. It even tells me how awful I am now that I am slower than I used to be. It whispers “why even bother?” in my ear.

One thing that running with Team Myles has reiterated is that it is MY PACE that I run at. I’ve changed. My body has changed. My pace has changed, and that’s okay.

Running is meant to be enjoyable for me. To get caught up in the time/pace vortex would just throw me into a mental space where my obsession would take over. I’ve been there before, and it’s not always good for me.

Training for a race at my new pace was a great experience. Training with a group of people running at different paces really made me appreciate the effort put forth by every single person that showed up.

That’s the whole point: showing up.

Showing up for yourself.

Acknowledging YOUR effort.

Appreciating what the body is capable of. It’s an amazing piece of machinery.

I am willing to keep at it, and to fight my brain telling me why I shouldn’t.

They say running is a mental game.

I’m at the start again, and each move will be a challenge.

I just have to keep rolling the dice.