And I Hurt Myself

Smiling but in pain

So, in true Amy fashion, I hurt myself last week on my Saturday run.

Things were going great during the out and back route in Point Pleasant Park.

Then we ran down a significant hill. We had a small flat area, and the started up a small incline….

That’s when I felt a twinge and thought, ow. But I kept on running for two more intervals. Stupid me should have stopped running at the first twinge.

I walked the rest of the route with one of the Team Myles Mentors I was running with, and we talked about injuries and treatments.

I really knew it was bad when we all gathered to stretch. I couldn’t stretch. It started to hurt more.

I drove home and immediately put my leg up with an ice pack. I’ve had this pain before, and hoping that I’ve caught it so it wasn’t too bad.

That afternoon, I had a shoe fitting at Aerobics First for some new sneakers. I hobbled in and was fitted for some new sneakers. A lovely pair of Hoka Bondis.

After hobbling back to the car, I head home again, put on a compression sleeve and did another round of ice.

I am thankful that I was able to get into my physiotherapist on the Monday, where he confirmed one of my suspicions: a strained calf. He said it was also possible that some fibres from my Achilles let go as well (wah). Good news: treatment for both is the same.

I haven’t run since that Saturday, and I’ve only been cleared to walk for 20 mins. I am listening to my physiotherapist and my body. Doing what I need to do so I can get back out running safely.

Fingers crossed that I get some fitness upgrades after my next couple of physio sessions.

Until then, this is an injured runner signing off!