Running? Really?

I ran an actual “in person” race recently. It was a small event, with three different distances (4km, 6km, 8km). It was a lot of beach running.

I did the 4km distance because who am I kidding, my running has been subpar lately. I knew in my inner being that the smallest distance would be the best choice for my disengaged body/mind.

I drove down with my fellow co-founder of Road Warriors, Shannon. We booked a motel room for the night and made it into a girls road trip.

The views from the motel were amazing, and we were super close to the beach.


My run was a struggle. I fought my mind and body the whole way. There was no connection, no endorphin rush and no joy. I ran my worst 4km run ever.

I’d like to blame it on running in the sand, in not fuelling properly (not a lot of restaurants where we were – hello, Subway for supper), in not training enough.

Truth is, it was just a crappy run. One I struggled with. Mentally, I couldn’t fight the defeat in my head. Physically, my body listened to my brain. Complete disconnect from my soul.

My win from this: I finished it, even when I seriously thought of running into the ocean and not finishing the race at all.

I am starting another running journey soon, and I am really looking forward to the challenge and the sense of community it will bring.

Keep your eyes peeled for posts on my next adventure, starting up next week!

One thought on “Running? Really?

  1. I’m running my first organized, public 5K on Monday. I expect it to be a disaster, but I am out there, which counts for something.

    I do find exercise helps with my depression. Maybe another T-shirt will do the same.


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