Covid, Peri menopause, and Jeans

So, some of us have gained weight during Covid (all that home made bread and bagels). Some of us have gained weight thanks to the lovely stage of life called peri menopause.

I fall mostly into the second category. My love for bread doesn’t help, mind you.

This makes my struggle with mental illness all the more complicated. I was awful before, but now? I’m the Michelin Man with a broken brain who can’t find jeans to fit her properly.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am happy with my body. It’s still strong and amazingly awesome. But Old Navy took my curvy fit jeans away and I have been having a hell of a time finding jeans to fit my size 14 ass well.

After many purchases at other places, I settled on a store.

I have a few pairs that I wear, and have been on the search for “jeans that Amy is comfortable in that don’t cut her stomach in half”. If you can rock the low rise, do it girl. My body needs the all encompassing power of high rise so I don’t feel like a busted can of biscuits.

After many purchases at many stores, I found myself at American Eagle.

They have High Waisted Jeggings.

I tried on other pairs, but the jeggings were it.

I think my body can rest easy in jeggings.


But for real, I just want jeans I can feel comfortable in, is that too much to ask? Women deserve comfy jeans. Period.

My mental health needs this.

If I can feel good in my clothes, it’s a big win.

Feeling good is important.

I already feel crappy enough most days.

THESE JEGGINGS ROCK. Now I must have them all. Thank you American Eagle for making jeans that make me feel good about myself.

Now, I am on the hunt for Blazers. That’s a whole different, and painful, search.

Here’s to loving our bodies. Here’s to loving the clothes that make us feel amazing.

Here is to telling my depression to fuck off and rock my curvy ass self in whatever I choose to wear.

Now I’m tired from all the excitement. I need pasta and a nap.

Until next time…