And For Now, I’m Okay

So, I am coming out of a depressive episode.

Basically, I am telling my depression to go fuck itself right now.

This is like a fog lifting, or a weight being taken off my shoulders.

I feel more “normal”, more like myself. I don’t experience imposter syndrome. My self doubt takes a back seat.

It feels good. It feels liberating.

I will hold onto these feelings for as long as I can, because I never know when the other shoe will drop.

Usually, I would feel extremely guilty for feeling this way, especially if I know of others who are suffering their own depressive episode while I am riding the “happy” wave.

I’ve learned that I NEED to savour this time, because it’s for me. It’s ME time. It’s also time to be there for those who have been there for me when I was festering in the suck hole of depression.

So, if you need an ear, hit me up. I’ll listen, I won’t divert to my own experiences, and I can give great virtual hugs.

We have to support each other when we can.

We have to look out for each other.

We have to remember that it won’t always be awful, and there will be good times for us.

So, for now, I’m okay.

And that, for now, is a good thing.

Until the next depressive episode, I remain on the “happy” wave.

(Let’s hope that doesn’t happen anytime soon, because I kind of need this right now, lol.)

Keep fighting the battle within.

I’m right there beside you.