Absent, to be Present

I’m on a bit of a social media break (which will be ironic, because I’ll be posting this on social media, lol) so I can be present and show up in my life.

I’ve been absent for quite some time. Detached from things since COVID-19 reared it’s ugly head. Been living in fight or flight for far too long. So I am taking a step back for a couple of weeks to readjust and be with my family, and getting used to physically being back in the office full time.

I am sitting back, watching, listening and learning. I am reconnecting with myself during this little disconnect. It’s good for mind and body.

I need this. Being distracted and not focused is not good for my brain. I need direction and goals to work towards, and I’ve lost that.

I may be doing these little breaks more often, to stay engaged and aware. I think we all need a disconnect every now and then.

So, the next couple of weeks will be my reset, then I am going on vacation. I plan on taking lots of videos and pictures to share, so stay tuned.

Until then I am channeling my energy to the things that matter most, to me.


One thought on “Absent, to be Present

  1. Mark Hall

    You guys are looking great I hope you’re both doing well Mark and the boys

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