I Thought I Was Doing Good

I have been eating better. I have been drinking more water. I am getting ready to start some consistent running and yoga on June 1st.

What I didn’t really pay attention to during this time was my underlying fatigue. That not so good depression sleep.

It’s the sleep that takes over. Sleeping in is every day. Sleeping until the last possible minute. This is not me. I am a wake up and get stuff done kind of person.

I’ve slept in every single morning for quite some time now. It’s not restful sleep. It’s a dead sleep. It’s a sleep filled with weird dreams.

I was wondering when it would happen to be honest.

It is a slow progression, the depression sleep. It creeps in and sloooowly takes over. An extra 10 minutes here, another 15 minutes there. The next thing you know, you’re sleeping in an extra 2 hours and you’re scrambling to get up for work.

I am hoping to change this starting tomorrow. If I can get up and get a small run in, it will be a win.

Making this commitment to myself is necessary, for both my body and mind during these uncertain time.

Wish me luck!