Is This The New Normal?

I guess I am getting used to this new normal. It’s still surreal, this world we are currently living in.

I live for the sunny days. Even when I am having a bad day on a sunny day, it doesn’t seem so awful.

Still thankful to be able to work from home. It keeps my mind focused.

I am ordering my groceries online and doing pickup. I was no longer able to go into the stores as my anxiety attacks beforehand exhausted me, and I was not able to focus while shopping.

I have been keeping myself occupied during the weekends with crocheting and housework. The crocheting is great for calming my nerves. The housework just makes me feel better.

I am thankful for video apps that keep me in touch with people, it has made a big difference.

I am thankful that I am able to get outside, even if it’s only for 10-20 mins during my work day.

I miss running with friends. I miss the gym. I miss all things right now. Knowing that it may be a while before being able to do “normal” things is a little disheartening at times, but this is the world we live in right now. We need to do what’s best, and that is physical distancing and staying at home. (Also, WASH YOUR HANDS.)

I often wonder how I will look back on this time when I’m older. Will I remember the the things I learned about myself? Will I remember the good things? We’ve had so much heartbreak here in Nova Scotia. I want to remember all the good that has happened. They ways we came together. How we supported one another.

I guess it’s a choice really, on how I remember these times.

I am hoping I choose to remember the good.

One thought on “Is This The New Normal?

  1. Good on you for finding a pattern that works. I’m surprised about what’s been engaging me, how I’ve lost touch with running, but picked up other things. Best wishes.


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