These Precious Illusions

It’s hard to keep smiling these days. I do my best to find something in each day that makes me happy, or gives me a smile.

I am lucky to have my daughter living with me during this surreal time. We make each other laugh, and are there for each other when things are not so funny.

I’d like to think this whole pandemic will be over sooner rather than later.

Illusions of summer drives, family gatherings, vacations, going to Farmers Markets and being able to just enjoy waterfront walks constantly fill my head.

Reality on the other hand, bites.

I am slowly getting used to working at home. Having the opportunity to do so is something I am extremely grateful for during these times, but doing it every single day without human contact with my team and colleagues is challenging.

I ordered a chair which should get to me by early May, as I am now sitting on a dining room chair at my desk. My daily breaks are news pressers.

I know I should take a break from the news, but it’s wanting to be in the know that keeps me partially sane. Weird, I know. You’d think that I would want to shield myself to keep my mental health stable.

I hang on to what I can control right now, in a world out of control.

Times have changed. It’s like living in a nightmare .

So, I keep day dreaming of better days. Keeping those precious illusions close.

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