I’m Still Here

I’m still medicated.

I’m still fighting.

Things have been hectic lately. Work has been absolutely overwhelming. Life is all over thr place.

I was out yesterday to do some Christmas shopping. This is the earliest I have started it. I am feeling pretty good about having it started. It has made it easier on my anxiety. I am usually the last minute shopper mid-late December.

I will still have my fancy Christmas anxiety, just hopefully not as much.

Medication news: I am now on birth control for my peri menopause, because my body is all out of control with the hormonal stuff. This wreaks more havoc on my body, but is necessary for now.

So I am medicated, and hormonal. THIS IS GREAT GUYS.

Just trying to make it through the rest of the year without having some sort of meltdown.

So far, I am keeping my head above water, although if I could hibernate for three days I would think I would feel a bit more centred.

Feeling off balance equals feeling a loss of control, and I don’t function well when that happens.

I am taking the early Christmas shopping as a win, and will trudge on with work. Will need to use my apps for meditation more often so I don’t do the downward spiral.

I really need to up my water game too. I haven’t been consistent with that. Time to take the Hydro Flask back to work.

On that note (because I am certain I am about to start rambling) I will leave you with this: remember to take care of yourself, because you matter too.