This is Not a Competition

Everyone who has a mental illness suffers.

Everyone who has a mental illness has good days and bad. Some will have more bad than good.

But one thing that really bothers me is how some people, when being open and honest about where they are in their journey, attract those who seem to think it is required to turn it into a competition.

Bad days/months/years are different for everyone.

It should not matter if your experience is different, or maybe even worse than someone else’s.

What matters is that we are all suffering, and we should have compassion for our fellow human suffering just as we are.

There are days that I am just barely making it through the day, and I’ll see someone struggling as well on social media. If I can I’ll reach out and offer some support.

It’s easy to hop into the pile of “misery loves company” and try to commiserate. I’ve done that as well.

But to go “Oh yeah, well I *insert awful time here* so *insert the it is worse than* part here”, is just not helping anyone.

I know it’s tempting. I know we’ve all done it when we’ve been upset. Suffering sucks, and when you are in that dark hole it is not always easy to get back out.

If you can, try and reach out. I know sometimes it feels like someone may go on and on (I sometimes feel like I am going on and on). When you’re suffering, time is a constant. Just one person offering some kind words can make a big difference.

We’re all trying to get through this life in one piece.

Let’s try and give it a little more compassion and understanding.