And I Ran

Last weekend was Maritime Race Weekend, and my birthday (wooohooo!).

I had signed up for this race (the Tartan Twosome: one race Friday night, one race Saturday morning) when I was jacked up on endorphins from another race. I figured, what would be an awesome way to welcome 47!

It has one of the best atmospheres and some wicked scenery.

(I’ve run this race before, and I’ve volunteered for it as well.)

The weather was AMAZING. Perfect running weather both days!

It’s been a bit since I’ve run on a regular basis. I went into the weekend ready to run for the pure joy of it.

I. Had. A. Blast.

The 5km Sunset Run is probably one of my favs. So many folks are dressed for the occasion (it’s a pirate themed weekend), and I also love seeing all the kids participating with their parents as well. (Also, I had the chance to meet up with my fellow Worth Living Run Ambassador Co-Lead Shannon Lelievre beforehand, which is always awesome!! We also had Charlotte Flewelling, another ambassador, running in the races that weekend as well.)

Saturday Morning was the Coastal 10k for me. I haven’t done this distance for this race weekend before, but I remember someone saying something about a hill. It came early on, and I got a bit of the way up before I decided to walk it, along with quite a few others, lol. I loved, loved, loved the view along the ocean. I high fived as many kids as I could, stopped at every water stop, and had a great time!

This is one race weekend I would recommend to any runner. There is a big after party, which also includes pirate fun for the kiddos.

Also, the medals are amazing.

I am already planning to run this race weekend again next year 😊