We’re Back at Square One

Yesterday was the start of a new month.  We spent some time at the beach and soaked up some more summer (because summer isn’t over until later in September – fight me).

On our way home, my Buggie was super cranky.  She was fine at the beach.

A switch had gone off in her, and she was not having any of it.  She didn’t even want the after beach ice cream.

In retrospect, I should have seen this coming, but I didn’t.  Or, maybe I didn’t want to see it coming.  Denial is a drug all on it’s own.

We got home, and eventually I was able to get out of her what she has been holding in.

It wasn’t easy, she’s like her mom.  She locks that shit up in her vault until the lock is trembling from the pressure.

Short story:  the vault exploded.  The booster for her antidepressants isn’t working for her anymore.

So, another trip to the doc is in order.  This could mean a whole new prescription, a whole new set of medication.

She’s scared, and frustrated.  I am disappointed that the meds didn’t work for her.  We are both wondering what new meds will mean (or even if she will get new meds, or new booster, or both).  Will she tumble down a bit, or will she stay in stasis until the possible new combo gives her what she needs?

It’s kind of scary, but she knows I am here for her.

Possibly starting over sucks, but if it needs to be done, it needs to be done.  Living in a misery bubble is no good.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!