Following My Path

After unpacking some of my shit, it was time to forge a new path.

(I am not done unpacking all my shit. Far from it.)

I need to start following my own path. For years I have been following someone else’s path, or the path that I thought was expected of me.

I am still trying to navigate my new path. It’s going to be rough some days, but I am really looking forward to moving ahead, instead of looking back.

I am learning many things about myself, and I am keeping an open mind when things don’t go the way I hoped they would.

I am continuing to embrace my mental illness (even on the bad days), and coming to terms with how it is a part of me, but yet doesn’t define me as a human.

I am slowly making changes in my life, and it feels good.

So if you see me feeling lost, or putting myself down, give me a poke and remind me: you are moving forward.

Moving. Forward.

One thought on “Following My Path

  1. The Ramblin' Man

    “I am slowly making changes in my life, and it feels good”
    Slow, consistent changes are always the best!


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