Unpacking My Shit: Plant Style

So one of the things that has come from the unpacking of the shit has been how uncomfortable my apartment has been feeling (you know, besides the messy depression mess that seems to never go away, bastard).

I have plants in my temporary office space, and I realized just how much more comfortable it feels having some green life around .

I have now been on a mission to green up my place.

Note: it can be expensive to buy bigger plants so I have been buying a lot of babies.

In true mental illness fashion, I need all the plants and do all the research which equals obsessed, but I see this as a good obsession.

I am starting to feel more comfortable and have new friends to take care of…..and keep alive.

Also, it is hard to stay off of plant ordering websites: don’t…. look…. at….. them…. Amy.

Let’s hope I don’t kill these new friends.

(Thank goodness for plant apps with info and watering reminders!!)

So, expect the odd obsessive plant post as I start my journey as a plant mom 😊

Yay plants!