My Body is Changing and I Need a Support Group

I’ll be 47 in a few months.

My body is starting to work against me now. No matter what I do, it’s like I am moving through molasses.

My days are already a battle with my brain.

Now it’s a battle with my body.

I am still running. Still physically active.

My body is in “gather” mode. Like I am starving and it needs to save up extra gear to keep me alive.


Coming to peace with all the weird hormonal things going on is a struggle.

The body and brain are a combo that are fighting for attention right now and I am exhausted trying to keep these balls up in the air.

I am seriously thinking of starting a support group.

It will have wine, food, and wise women that tell us all the stuff we need to know to make it through this weird state of walking backwards.

So until I figure this out, I’ll just keep moving. My brain is going to need it.

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