A Day of Hope, Healing, Health, Happiness

Friday, May 31, 2019.

The inaugural Worth Living Mental Health Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

It was a day centred around hope, healing, health, and happiness.

There were speakers (Keith Anderson, the founder of Worth Living; Ashely Quackenbush (DJ Scratchly Q); Ben Meisner; Kim Bolton Lamontagne; Shannon Leleivre; and a panel discussion).

There was a wellness room, and therapy dogs!

I was also lined up to speak.

Work and life were so busy leading up to the conference that I really had no time to worry about my presentation.

The closer it got, the more nervous I became.

When I stepped up to the podium, I forgot my presentation.

I had not prepared slides, as I was speaking on the challenges of my mental illness.

My legs began to shake. I started talking. I had no idea what I was saying.

I began to get nauseous. I felt light-headed.

OMG I was going to faint.

I had to stop.

I apologized to the crowd. Someone handed me a glass of water.

I forgot what I was speaking about.

The room had my back. They lifted me up when I thought I had failed miserably.

I took questions. I had some meaningful conversations.

I finished my presentation.

People approached me throughout the day, we spoke about many things, and I was touched by the compassion in that room.

The whole day was filled with open and raw conversation.

It was a room full of people looking to understand mental illness. A room full of people looking to change conversations around mental health.

It was a day that changed so many things for me.

A day that made a difference in my life.

I am looking forward to next year. To hear more, to share more, and continue the conversation around mental health awareness.