It Can’t Rain All the Time, or Can It?

I am pretty sure it’s been raining for eleventy billion days.

(At least that’s what it feels like. There have been scattered days of sunshine, but it seems Spring has taken to hibernating.)

I am a solar powered human. I need the sun to lift my spirits.

Rainy, cold days are soul sucking demons.

My brain is more of a jerk during long periods of crappy weather. My body just wants to hibernate.

It’s hard to get motivated. It’s hard to find the good.

The voice in my head likes to use these long periods of bad weather as a catalyst for its evil plans to ruin any little piece of joy I find in the day.

I see a peek of sun: Ha, that’s not gonna last long.

I go out for a walk at lunch and it isn’t raining: Yeah, it’s not raining but it is cold out.

I finish a not so fun task at work and sigh in relief: Look at everything else you need to get done. You’ll never catch up.

I plan a dinner date: Your house is a mess and he’ll see every single speck of dirt you see and will think you are a pig.

It’s like I can’t win.

The sun makes such a difference for me. Not always, as my illness can drop it like it’s hot whenever it wants, but for the most part it does bring the happies.

So, as I sit here and write, I can see a bit of blue sky.

See, it can’t rain all time.

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