I’m Pretty Sure My Fingers Are F@&ED

I’ve talked about this before.

How I chew on my fingers when I am super stressed or full of life cramping anxiety.

Well, GUESS WHAT. My new meds have evened me out with my anxiety, but I still chew my fingers like my life is going to end, goddammit.

I also had to cut my nails off because some of them split on the sides from my intrusive teeth.

I have a stress drawer at work, which is filled with mini chocolate bars and other miscellaneous treats for when I am stressed and full of MONSTER anxiety (this most lovely pic is the recent stress drawer inventory).

I have decided that I need to use this drawer to seriously save my fingers.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know I can eat carrots or broccoli and win the health aspect here, but I need comfort and sometimes a Jolly Rancher is what I need to get by.

So yes, things are stressful.

I know things will get back to normal.

For now, my stress drawer is my sanity.

As you were.