Mental Illness is NOT Cool

It’s just not.

If I HAD a choice, I would choose not to have it.

These are the cards I was dealt.

I will always have this illness.

It is not a bandwagon you can jump on, nor is it fashionable.

I talk about it because I decided to be open about my journey, not because I want attention or because I think it’s “cool” to have a mental illness.

It’s not cool.

It’s painful. It’s debilitating. It’s a constant struggle.

It’s not something that you WANT to have.

I wouldn’t wish mental illness on anyone.

This blog, my social media channels, they are my voice.

Sometimes I voice the good things.

Sometimes I voice the bad things.

All in all, it’s my journey.

The journey is real.

And so is my illness.

One thought on “Mental Illness is NOT Cool

  1. L

    You sing it sister! NOT COOL at all – my anxiety is through the roof the last week or so stomach in knots, bathroom issues, random meltdowns………but we gotta power through….because some days life really is astonishingly beautiful!

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