So Here’s The Thing

I still have bad days, even on my medication.

They do help, good gravy do they help. They keep me from going down the rabbit hole full tilt.

They don’t “cure” my depression or my anxiety. They never will.

This week was a circus show. Work went sideways. I am as hormonal as all get out.

There just wasn’t enough good to bring me up this week.

Even my runs were a hot mess.

I missed Parkrun on Saturday because my brain and body were done Friday night and I slept for 12 hours. (I did get out for a run, which was sloggy.)

I woke up today wanting to bawl my eyes out. Some mornings are like that, and sometimes I can’t shake it, even though I am medicated.

Thankfully, today was a planned run with my BRF (Best Running Friend), and that really helped to bring me back to a more balanced place.

I just have to remind myself that the bad days aren’t as bad as they have been, and I have the tools to balance things out.

If that doesn’t work, I just ride out the bad day, and try again when I wake up.

It really is day by day.

2 thoughts on “So Here’s The Thing

  1. LA

    My week was the same – for the most part I don’t get weepy anymore but this week WOWZA could have taken out shares in Kleenex.
    Some days it’s even one hour at a time sweetie! ox


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