I’m Gonna Do It

This Tuesday, I start training for a 15km race.

I am running the Scotibank Bluenose 15km route in June.

It’s been a staggered start in my running this year with illness and other issues. I will be glad to start a training plan.

Glad, and extremely nervous.

I know I can run this distance. I’ve run half marathons.

My last half was riddled with pre-race injury. I’ve been proactive, and have been working on my glutes so I am not running with my calves.

It’s worked, but those calf strains are sitting in the back of my head going “Hey, remember us?”

I try and keep a forward focus. This is not always easy with my brain and how it’s wired, but I will try my hardest to keep looking forward.

I will be running this race as one of many Worth Living Run Ambassadors (more on this at a later date) to bring awareness to mental illness.

This won’t be my only race this year, but it will be my largest distance. I am going to mix up 5 and 10 kilometre distances the rest of the year.

So, I’ll be spewing all kinds of nervous fun over the coming months.

I’m apologizing in advance, hahahaha.

Thanks for hanging in there with me!