Recharging The Soul

I am very thankful for our trip to Cuba this year.

It was beautiful. It was hot. It was eye opening.

Being able to get away has been very good, for both the mind and the soul.

Travelling with a mental illness isn’t always easy. I have a lot of anxiety beforehand.

I know what you’re thinking: Everyone has some anxiety before they travel. Yes, I will concede to that.

The problem I have is, I see these anxieties as monumental issues, and that bad things ARE GOING to happen.

I think that WILL forget my passport, that I WILL get a personal item taken away from me, that I WILL be pulled aside in security and separated from my daughter, and the plane WILL have issues and we will have to do an emergency landing. I’ve already had to go to a doctor while outside of the country on a previous visit down south, so that is always in my brain.

These are real to me.

These things ARE going to happen, even though in reality I know they are not.

I usually feel a bit calmer once we make it through security. Why I get nervous I don’t know, because I am not, in any way, carrying anything illegal.

(Funny story: My daughter got pulled over when going through security for her backpack. When the woman opened the bag, she called over the young gentleman who flagged her bag. She pulled out the item in question, turned to him and said: “Hon, this is a book.” We had a good chuckle, but also glad that they do their jobs and leave nothing unchecked. Even if it is a book!)

My anxiety lessens even more once we arrive at our intended destination.

Then my anxiety about injuring myself sets in, lol.

It’s a never ending circle really, but I always find a way to shift my mind away and find the time to relax.

This vacation was just what I needed. I was able to process a lot of things and get back to where I want to be.

I am a little more motivated, a little more happier, and a little more me.

I need to make sure I make this happen again, even if it’s every two years.

We need time to rejuvenate our souls, somewhere close, somewhere far. A place where we disconnect from the day to day and take the time to reconnect with ourselves (even if it means an hour in bed, an hour running/at the gym, or an hour in the shower/tub).

Take the time to breathe.

We need it.