Speaking in Public: Oh My Nerves

This year I have two speaking engagements.

My first one is at the end of this month, at Podcamp Halifax (held at Dalhousie University) and the other in May at the Worth Living Mental Health Conference here in Halifax (at the Atlanica Hotel.

I have spoken in public before, and was a bundle of anxiety.

For me, the difference from then until now is that I have become extremely passionate about sharing my journey.

I will be authentic.

I will be genuine.

No smoke screen.

No masks.

Just me.

I am not sure how I will be received, but I am anxious and excited (anxcited, lol).

The message is important to me.

I hope that sharing it with a live audience makes a difference.

If I can make the connection with the audience, then my goal will be achieved.

It’s time to get real, in the public realm.


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