Rearranging My Room, The Head Cold, and Why is My Cat Being an Asshole?

I decided (on Boxing Day) that I needed to rearrange my room.

It is only the second time I’ve done this since living in this apartment because my room is an L shaped room. It stresses me out to rearrange it.

I really wanted to move my stuff from one end to the other, but then I wouldn’t be able to open my door. Sigh.

So, my bed is against a side wall, facing my windows. Not sure if this will last. But my brain wanted change, so this is it for now.

(If I make it more than a month, I’ll consider it a win. My anxiety will determine juuuuust how long it stays that way.)

Day after Boxing Day: wake up with boogerhead. Do some shopping. Get home and sit down. The plague arrives.

Not really what I wanted, especially with the Resolution Run coming up on January 1st.

I pretty much lived in bed with sinus meds on the 28th. Today (the 29th), I am out of bed and downstairs (woooooo). Still congested, but not dying!

During all of this, my oldest cat (Nala, pictured above) decided to become a gigantic asshole and meow through the night…in my room…on my bed. Sometimes she just sits by my dresser and meows at the wall.

I am thinking she may not like my room rearranging. (It’s better than thinking my room is haunted.)

It hasn’t helped with me getting my rest, and when she’s had enough, she just saunters out at around 3am to go downstairs to her bed.

She is old. Maybe she’s just being cranky to change. Maybe she’s trying to tell me I was wrong to change my room around. What does she know that I don’t?

Maybe I need to take more meds and have a nap, lol.

I am going to win this cold war, one nose blow at a time.

Not sure about the Nala war. She may win that one, lol.

Stay tuned to see if my brain decides to rearrange my room, again.