As I Lay Me Down To Sleep

One thing that my medication doesn’t shake: my want to sleep, ALL THE TIME.

My depression likes sleep. I love sleep.

This depression sleep is a whole different beast. It doesn’t like it when I want to get up and do anything productive, like work or running.

This sleep can be intoxicating to my brain. It wraps itself around it and keeps it cozy. It lies and says that we really don’t HAVE to get up. We can call in sick. We can keep sleeping. We can run later.

When this sleep takes over, it makes it hard to peel myself out out of bed.

Bed becomes a sanctuary.

Mornings become hard. Not even my bed coffee helps.

I become a zombie walking through molasses.

I can get through my day. It just takes a little longer to get up to my regular energy level.

I find the darker months harder. My brain is up for hibernation, and my body is very willing to agree.

The struggle IS real, yo.

While many people CAN get out of bed with no issues, I can’t. Also, there are folks who can’t get enough sleep (which is a whole other evil).

Each person with a mental illness is fighting their own sleep battle.

We’re all fighting the dark.

I just need to find my daylight.

2 thoughts on “As I Lay Me Down To Sleep

  1. LA

    The daylight is coming honey! Today is the turning point and I like you want to shout AMEN!!
    my sleep is the opposite my brain won’t shut off my body is exhausted but my mind is in overdrive.
    can’t wait to get ONE full night of uninterrupted zzzzzzzzzzzz’s.
    Meet you in the sunshine lady! ox


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