The Finger Saga Continues

In case you are wondering, the glue on nails I used to try and save the skin around my fingernails could have been successful, had they been a little bit shorter.

I spend all day on a computer at work and typing was a little bit cumbersome with the “real short” (not really) nails that I chose.

They lasted almost a week, but I had to take them off because: typing. I was kind of sad, because I loved the french tip look of them.  My hands were super cute!

I need to find the “tight fit” nails and give them a go.

Needless to say, my fingers have suffered my wrath this week.  Two bloody ones and multiple chewed up ones.  Just when I thought they were getting a break.


I would try gel nails, but the cost and upkeep would be an added expense right now.

So, if you want to try some glue on nails, I would recommend the KISS brand.  The Impress nails did not stand up to all the hand washing I do throughout the day.  The glue is required for maximum stick-age.

Please pray for my fingers…and my brain.

My brain is control here.  I need to remind it that my fingers don’t like bleeding.

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