Laugh, If You Can

Life can be a big jerk.

Something our family is good at is finding the humour in adverse situations.

This past week has been rough with a family member’s surgery, but we’ve been able to have a laugh (Thanks Snapchat).

Laughing has gotten me through some pretty rough times.

Example: When I was first diagnosed with my depression, the first couple of weeks were pretty rough.

I was at my parent’s apartment one day when my brother arrived. He came into the kitchen and said hi. He then asked me how the voices in my head were. I paused, and said “Just one minute…..Yep, we’re good today.”

We had a good laugh. It wasn’t at my expense. My brother knew what I needed at that moment.

That being said, I really think you need to know your audience when being a goof during rough times.

Bad form can just hurt feelings, and that is not cool.

But if you can, laugh.

Sometimes we need it.


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