Stress?? Anxiety?? Let’s Bounce a Leg, Shall We?

We’ve already talked about my other anxiety induced problem of chewing the skin around my fingernails, so let’s talk about the bouncing leg.

Today on my Podcast I talked about the things I do when I’m stressed and/or my anxiety is off the charts.

Right up with the skin chewing, is leg bouncing.

This isn’t so bad if I am alone at my kitchen table.

(FYI: It’s usually my right leg.)

At work it creates a problem for me because then my desk shakes (or at least it feels like it does). This isn’t a problem in the morning, because that is when I am usually standing. Can’t bounce my leg standing up!

Once I sit down in the afternoon, lookout.

It could last for 5 minutes, or it could last for 20 minutes.

My body is full of so much nervous energy that there is nowhere for it to go. It gets diverted through chewing, or bouncing.

Both of these things are happening even with my medication. It’s not as severe, but it’s still there.

Today I also discovered that I will say “um” and “so” a lot when I think I am going off the beaten track and lack confidence in myself.

So, I am crocheting to help with the chewing (and some new fake nails), and I have started doing yoga at home to help with keeping myself centred and balanced.

Stay tuned for an update next week to see how everything is working out 😊

2 thoughts on “Stress?? Anxiety?? Let’s Bounce a Leg, Shall We?

  1. LA

    I have the bouncing leg too – as I am reading this mine is moving 🙂 Yoga does help it really does I think for the most part it’s the breathing…………love you Miss Amy ox


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