Let’s Get Running

Looking ahead to the next year as a whole isn’t something that comes easy to me.

Just typing this is making me itch with anxiety (for real, my arms are itchy).

I have decided to start planning my races for next year. I will be running all as a Worth Living Run Ambassador to bring awareness to mental illness.

I have already registered for the 15k distance at the Scotiabank BlueNose Marathon in June.

I am registering for the Resolution Run this week.

So far, I have these on the list as possible races:

  • Epic Canadian
  • Navy 10k
  • Maritime Race Weekend (or Canada Army Run)
  • Valley Harvest
  • Food Run

These may change, but knowing that I gave my body the break it needed, and not looking to run anything over 15k, has me getting the “urge” to run again.

Also, being back on medication and giving myself the time to heal up a bit mentally has helped so, so much as well.

Setting these races up gives me something to work towards and are goals that are just big enough for some continuous motivation.

Running as an Ambassador for something I am passionate about is a very big motivator for me. I am really looking forward to it.

Okay, I need to stop itching, so I have to jet.

Hope you’ll follow along with my running journey in 2019!!

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