I’m a Fainter

Last weekend I fainted while sitting in a pedicure chair.

An ambulance was called.

My daughter was a rockstar (which is good, because I now know she can navigate a situation like that without freaking).

I was checked out by the paramedics, and then went to see a doctor who ordered some bloodwork.

I had a medication check in today, and decided to tackle this first before the med discussion.

All my bloodwork came back normal, and everything checks out with respect to my heart (no murmur, and my blood pressure was normal today).

The diagnosis (after a lengthy discussion): I am prone to vasovagal attacks. My doctor said it’s nothing to worry about, and told me what I could do the next time I feel it coming on.

Then we talked about how I was doing on the Abilify.

We discussed how I was feeling, and decided that since this is working for me, she will keep me on it in addition to the Cipralex.

So, a successful visit today. Now that I am sorted medication wise, I can schedule a visit when I need to.

This is what I’ve been working towards.

I will never be 100%, but I am a solid baseline of 85% for now and that works for me!

(And no, I haven’t gone back for the pedicure, lol!)


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  1. I’m also a vasovagal-er! It definitely gets easier to recognize the symptoms early on and prevent the full-on fainting. (Says the girl who had to lie on the floor of a Victoria’s Secret but didn’t faint! Woo!)

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