Chewing The Skin Around My Nails


I chew the skin around my fingernails.

It’s a stress/anxiety solution to “getting rid” of my feelings.

I will chew them, sometimes, until they bleed. Especially when my anxiety levels are high.

My new meds have helped with the daily chewing. I am starting to slow my roll.

I am now wearing fake nails to help stop this madness. If they stay on for a bit, and my fingers get better, I may consider gel nails at the salon.

Anything to stop me from doing it. Anything to make me not feel ashamed about my hands.

When I was a teenager they had stuff you could put around your nails that tasted bad so you would not chew your skin.

I still chewed.

Nail polish doesn’t stop me either.

It’s not something I can “just stop”. Sometimes I don’t even realize I’m doing it until it hurts.

It’s not noticeable unless you look really close. It’s really noticeable when I get out of the shower, or right after I do dishes. You can see my chew marks.


For now, I am going to see how these nails pan out and hope for the best.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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