A Booster for My Brain

Today was my six week check in with my doc to see where my anxiety was at.

We sat down and talked about how things were, and how the additional methods I have been using to keep my anxiety under control have not been working like they have in the past. My depression has gotten better, and I am able to navigate my days with more clarity.

So, here’s the deal:

I have been chewing the skin around my fingernails to the point where I have caused myself to bleed. The only thing that keeps that at bay is work (kind of, lol) and crocheting.

I also talked about my itching. When my anxiety starts to get bad, I become extremely itchy and cannot stop scratching. When it first started, I though it was because of the extremely humid summer we were having, but it wasn’t consistent with the weather.

I have (unfortunately) started taking random comments personally. Things that really (on a “normal” day) would not bother me, do, and I feel the need to react without taking a step back.

Since things were not where we were hoping them to be, we discussed a booster for my Cipralex.

Starting tomorrow, I start taking the lowest dose of Abilify.

I am hoping for little to no side effects, but I am fully prepared either way.

It should take a full two weeks for the Abilify to make a full impact on my brain.

I go back for another doc visit in six weeks.

Through all of this, my return to physical activity has been a rough go, so I am taking things easy and making a plan this weekend to start a regular schedule of exercise.

That is where things sit now.

I’ll continue to keep moving forward.

Happy that my toolbox has expanded, and trying to keep positive that my brain will cooperate 🙂


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