If It Makes You Happy

Hanging With My Peeps

Here we are.

One month in.

I had my check in today with my doctor. We had a good sit down, and even though the tides are slowly turning, there are still some issues. One being: my anxiety is being a jerkwad.

I go back again in six weeks. We may have to supplement my current prescription if my anxiety doesn’t come down enough.

This is really good news for me. Starting to feel better this early in the game is a good thing!

Moving forward is important. Looking back (or too far forward) can be an unpleasant thing for me, so I am trying to focus on each day as it comes.

Each day I try and start fresh. Sometimes it’s hard, and I try not to complain, but as a human I know I will. So I try to forgive myself.

One thing I am trying to not do: crush things that make people happy. It serves no purpose to put down something that makes someone happy. I may not like the same things as others, but it doesn’t mean I have to rip someone/something apart because it’s not my thing (except draggy pants because that shit is wrong and not attractive so pull your pants UP! …and criminal activity – jail/prison = NO).

So, you want to take 500 pictures of yourself with your tongue sticking out? Do it.

You want to eat Cheez Whiz and (insert whatever here)? Do it.

You love playing Pokemon Go? Do it.

You love Crossfit and want to profess your love for it daily? Do it.

A person’s happiness should not be driven by what everyone else likes.


[Like buying yet another Rae Dunn mug…even though you may have no room in your cupboards because it’s full of other Rae Dunn mugs πŸ˜€

On that note, I better go find a spot for that new mug.]


10 thoughts on “If It Makes You Happy

  1. Yessssss!!

    Progress is a good thing! And so is just letting others do what makes them happy (if it doesn’t hurt anyone else, why does it matter?)

    Thank you for sharing your story. It’s important for people to hear. ❀

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  2. I’m pretty sure creating a Rae Dunn pottery cupboard is a thing. It seems like somethings a creative person could create and take 500 pictures of … Just sayin’. πŸ˜‰

    Seriously considering buying a “Calm” mug to use as aversion therapy. πŸ˜€
    (super appreciate that it isn’t yelling CALM the way my FAMILY one yells “FAMILY”.)

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